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About Thiriah Thangavel

A message from me to you...

My name is Thiriah Thangavel and my name means the transformational form or energy of water in Sanskrit. I believe it is my calling to be in service of other's through Samsara's intuitive counselling approach. Through my own personal journey of having experienced trauma, violence and abuse - I have learned what it means to live a life with humility, grit, compassion and love. With the help of my spirit guides and spiritual teachers in the physical world, I have been able to reconnect with myself. I have now cultivated a space of deep love by living my life intentionally and authentically. 

We were created wholesome. Abundant with love, light and sheer energy. Throughout our lives, we internalize messages of not being enough and feeling malnourished by our environment. We self-sabotage our abilities to live the most authentic versions of ourselves. Through deeply humbling experiences, I have learned that the life that we yearn for lives within us. We just need to tap into it. 

I am just a vessel. I provide tools, resources and knowledge to help you come closer to your self-realization. All that you desire is already within you. It's just about taking steps to realize it. 

Through Samsara's intuitive counselling approach, you will be on your journey to healing yourself through self-discovery, cultivate fulfilling relationships, unlock your passions and sharing your natural gift with the world. 

If you choose me as your Intuitive Counsellor, it will be my greatest honour and sacred responsibility.

Thank you for choosing Samsara.