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Intuitive Counselling & Spiritual Solutions

Saṃsāra (sanskrit): The journey of the soul through the cycle of all life, matter and existence in its infinite power.

Why choose intuitive counselling ?

Intuitive counselling aims to dive deep and uncover issues, concerns and blockages that are preventing you from living a wholesome life. Beyond just examining, behaviours, patterns, habits and goals, a wellness strategist works to take a mind-body-heart-spirit approach in creating a lasting impact on your life. 

You will learn how to work with metaphysical laws of the universe to manifest what you desire, what your destiny is and uncover your true purpose. This is often through healing old wounds, recovering aspects of yourself, working through your ego, understanding how you navigate the world, and creating changes that come from a strong sense of purpose and value. Whether it be seeking your purpose, deepening the connection with your loved ones or trying to create an overall satisfying life – seeking holistic approaches is a good place to start. 

Intuitive counsellors are not religious leaders nor are they psychotherapists. They are individuals who strive to live beyond the limitations and expectations of societal conventions. 

Creating a life of abundance, peace and satisfaction comes through reflection, wisdom and practice. 

Why choose Samsara?

What you give your attention to grows. I can help you release feelings of exhaust and defeat to make pathways for abundance, your true purpose and form meaningful relationships. 

As your Intuitive Counsellor, I will work with you by providing transparency, guidance, love and support . I honour and respect the journey you are on and will compassionately help you build the life you desire.