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Holistic Healing & Wellness Strategies

My goal is to help you be a more loving and authentic version of yourself.

Thiriah Thangavel

Spiritual Solutions

What can Samsara help with?

  • Emotional eating & spending

  • Discovering your passion

  • Self-development 

  • Discovering your passion

  • Sleep Deprivation

  • Dissatisfaction with your job & career

  • Complex relationship issues

  • Grief, Loss & Separation

  • Healing trauma 

  • Depression and anxiety 

  • Creating and manifesting abundance...and much more

Intuitive Counselling

It's time for you to live your purpose through the highest expression of yourself.

Trauma can leave us feeling lost, in denial, confused, angry and often unable to connect with the world around us the way we used to.  For some of us, we are completely unaware of the connection between our past traumas and our current patterns of living. When these patterns stop serving us, or when our traumas start resurfacing in the form of anxiety, post-traumatic stress, depression, panic attacks and physical ailments - it is a sign that we are in need of some deep healing

Holistic Healing 

Recovery isn’t just a journey of self-reclamation, but it can also be the process of rediscovering aspects of our identity. 

If you are looking for an alternative option to trauma recovery – you have come to the right place. 

What if there was a way to consciously embrace some of the most painful parts of our lives in a way that’s dignifying, honorable and respectful of who we are?

Wellness Strategies

Samsara provides services that are focused on delivering trauma informed spiritual solutions for holistic healing. This is done through online/phone services provided through private coaching, webinars and workshops.


Samsara provides spiritual wellness strategies that are authentic, affordable & accessible from the comfort of your home. Healing and discovery is a self-facilitated process and you get to decide when and how you do it at your own pace. 

Learning how to keep your body, mind, heart and spirit in alignment with love, passion and purpose is made easier through Samsara's healing and learning strategies.

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Thiriah Thangavel

Wellness Strategist 

Thiriah Thangavel is a well received community and social worker practicing coaching and healing for over a decade in Toronto, Canada and Queensland, Australia. 

Her passion evolved from community-based group programming and workshops to individualized one-on-one support. From prevention and harm - reduction programming to trauma informed crisis intervention work, Thiriah has dedicated her life to service. 

Through her own personal journey, Thiriah shares her understanding of how healing and self-discovery is a sacred process met only with an open heart. 

Using her empathic abilities with her knowledge of Ayurveda and various energy healing modalities, she supports her clients to rediscover the best parts of themselves.

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Free Consultations

The journey begins here

Not sure if this service will work for you? Try a 1 hour free consultation with a Wellness Strategist to see how it can serve you better. Appointments can be booked online. Phone only.

Private Sessions 

Custom Plan

Affordable private sessions for 60 minutes. Book at your convenience and access customized resources to help you facilitate your process of healing. Appointments can be booked online. Phone, in - person, video calling options available.


Affordable follow ups

Looking to just have a brief check - in with your wellness strategist? Tele-sessions are offered 30 minutes over the phone.